What's Digital Marketing?

If you're sad; you order a pizza or your favourite ice-cream online. So, ordering your favourite food is the best way to deal with your solitude.

Nobody wants to go outside when they are sad & then when you type nearby pizza shops, that's how the journey of digital marketing begins.

It's simple; when we manage to show, exactly what you need, that's what we call Digital Marketing. Just think that you're sad, but you're also an owner of an ice-cream parlour. Won't you like to share the exotic pain relieving taste with as many people as you can?

Right! you would love to do that. And, that's where you can wish the shooting star of digital marketing & its services.

And, now when you know what is Digital Marketing, You want to know why it is important? Right!

We know it is the same tickling that happens when you see a vanilla ice cream with extra chocolate brownies!






Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Think if there is only one subject in your syllabus.

Name of the subject- Rank


We Help You To Exactly Tackle The Same Situation. No Matter What Service Or Business You Have! To bring you at the first seat of the roller coaster which is super exciting and thrilling at the same time.




Pay Per Click (PPC)

When a road is constructed it's not just a part of development but it gives you 10 times more of what you invest!

Easy mobilization, increase trade, land rates increases, transportation cost reduces, creates employment, increase purchasing power, and small roadside vendor makes revenue out of that one road.

That's how PPC works, You make an ad based on a service or product that ad help the client to get more leads and potential customers. These ads creates awareness related to their product and services, and help the company to make the user buy their product and services. This benefits both: the company and the people who are looking for that particular product or service.


Social Media Optimization (SMO)

To know the best kebabs in town; you will surely discover one the most popular shops there in the city. And, now you know what works best for you.

In SMO, you share your services and products on different platforms to know which post works best and where.

Simplipixel simply says:SMO means to discover which type of post at what platform gives you the maximum likes, comments and engagement.


Email Marketing

Once you have gone to a ride, and go to the same ride again and again, it's kind of boring and not as exciting as it was at first.

So, through email marketing, you don't let the existing and current customers go, and that's why you become the amusement park yourself and give them the new exciting ride of offers and discounts. So, they keep on coming to you and be in touch.



Online reputation Management (ORM)

Once that evil little angle looking cousin starts crying instantly.

It's hard to explain to your mother why you slap your 4-year-old cousin for wearing your favourite dress and then tore it apart with scissors.

We know it's complicated! to maintain your reputation being the elder one in the family.

And, that how ORM work, we help you to main your reputation in the market; it a big world and any mishap can happen in business, so it's always a better idea to act responsibly and sincere to your customers complains and queries, regards to your dear product and services.


Affiliate Marketing

Will you get a 50% discount, if you promise to bring 10 more people next time?

Answer= Never!

Now, after 2-3 months you visit the same amusement park but with twenty more people with you and, get a 50% discount on all tickets to directly bring 10 people straight.

That's how affiliate marketing works when you get paid for the actual people you bring into the business. Not by promising- "We shall overcome, one day."



There are specialists and there are physicians. But each of them has their importance at a time.

But where people generally go?

To the physicians, who know this complex body fully and have the experience to handle it in one of the best ways.

We have physicians and specialist both in our team!

So, we know exactly what to do in order to bring you to your maximum level.

  We know, what digital tool we can use to operate your business to bring you at ease.

  We know, what pill your products or services require to go out in the world fearlessly.

  We work together just like our body parts to function at its maximum capacity and help those who want to reach their maximum potential.

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