What personal details do we require?

We ask you to share information that will help us reach you in your need. Your shared information is none other than your name, email address, mailing address or phone number.

What are the effectiveness of your shared information?

We get the opportunity to understand and fulfill your needs

Your shared information helps us improve customer support

We email you periodic newsletters and our latest offerings

We get in touch with you in your need.

How do we provide safeguard to your information?

Our security measures are anti-tampered and inaccessible, thus ensuring no leakage or breach of privacy of your personal information you shared with us.

Do we give prominence to cookies?

Yes, as cookies are mostly used as a re-marketing tool. We emphasize on cookies as they aid us recollect, comprehend and store your browsing activities in a protected database for future visits. Besides, they also carry site traffic and site interaction data, enabling us to offer invincible site experiences and tools in the future.

Do we share your personal information to any third party?

We guarantee to maintain complete privacy while providing safety to your personally identifiable information in our protected database. No third party is authorized to access your personally identifiable information until it agrees to keep this information confidential.

Online Terms & Condition only

We shoulder the responsibility to protect your personally identifiable information we collected online, however, we are not liable to provide safety to information you shared offline.

Your Acceptance

Browsing our website is an indication of your acceptance to our Terms & Condition.

Amendments in Terms & Condition

No prior notice is issued in the modification, amendment or correction in terms & condition. However, you will notice changes after page display.