Why SimpliPixel is the best SEM agency?

As the name suggests, we love to simplify complex things and in this day and era, being simple is the most difficult task to do. We have just the best team with the latest technological tools at their disposal like Google AdWords and tons more... It hurts us to watch a company’s potential getting wasted because of an incompetent search engine marketing company that’s in-market just to earn money. We are suckers for results and we care about the result you get through search engine services.


Tailor Made PPC Campaign Strategy
Your business is as unique as you, we develop a tailor made strategy just for your business. Less Effort maximum engagement.
Keyword Research
All your ads are based on keyword that are relevant to your business. We find the keywords that are most appropriate and result giving and make the ads keeping them in mind
Development Of Creative Ads
You ads should be visually attractive and catch the eyes of the customers. That’s where SimpliPixel steps in, we eat creativity for breakfast.
Campaign Set-up
Setting up your campaign according to the needs and goals of your business is crucial. Your business goals are to be in spotlight for your campaign to be successful .
Managing Bids And Tracking ROI
Managing bids and tracking ROI efficiently is how you assess the success of your ads and save money on Ads.
PPC Campaign Analysis
Analyzing the campaign on regular basis to assess the success and wastage! At SimpliPixel we try to attain maximum results with minimum efforts.

We Thrive to be the best Search Engine Marketing Agency

Every single click makes a difference; The trip from click to conversion is where most PPC agencies fail. Hosting and managing a PPC campaign isn’t enough, convincing a customer through eye-catching visuals and mind-blowing content is vital too. The success of a PPC campaign depends on several factors, just like any other process in the world.

You don’t just have to trust us blindfolded; you can see what our customers say about us. If you believe that we have delivered the result we promised, then we never say no to a treat.

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