What's Email Marketing?

Familiar with the term “Old is Gold?” Email marketing is the same; it’s an old form of marketing but still as effective as it was when it started. Some things never lose their shine.

Every email marketing agency tells you that they differ from others, but they are saying the same thing as everyone. Is that being different we don’t think so? Now we won’t tell you that we are different we will just show it to you.

We are a result deriving email marketing company. We make our email marketing strategies based on the business we are working for. Our email marketing strategies for small businesses are unparalleled. With better deliverability and custom made emails we are known as email marketing experts.

  • User Experience

    Thorough Solutions

    Being a digital marketing agency we provide solutions to all online marketing problems. Varying from SEO to performance-based online marketing, we help you through it all. .

  • Desired ROI

    Unparalleled Experience

    Our wide-ranging experience probably makes us the most suitable and capable Digital Marketing agency around. Our global clientele speaks of our success.

  • Conversions

    Committed Team Of Experts

    Our team takes extra care and caution towards your problems and generates results that suit you best. We at SimpliPixel have the best team of experts in their respective fields so that we can deliver perfection.

  • Conversions

    Distinctive Approach

    We have a distinctive yet successful approach that helps us provide the best results for your business. We generate our strategies according to ever-changing trends, so we can deliver what you desire.

  • Conversions

    Ladder To Success

    Our team and their approach is a sure-shot ladder for success, every step we take is one step closer to your aims. We work hard to make sure to generate more leads through any means necessary.

Our Team

Planning & Strategy
: We are not some criminal masterminds; The only planning we do is to choose the best path to take for email marketing.
What good is a superb strategy when it’s not even implemented. Our team of genius marketers knows how and where to put the strategy for the best results. It’s all about one thing, "Results. "
You know the difference between successful and botched email marketing campaigns is? One small thing “Creativity”. We don’t Wanna brag but we have a bunch of creative content writers who’ll generate professional yet engaging emails, that would feed the minds 0f existing and potential customers.
Responsive Emails
Coding is as much science as it is art. Generating HTML emails compatible with mobiles, iPads, and laptops is not an easy task. We consider ourselves both scientists and artists. .
Better Deliverability
Everyone hates spam emails; we’re sure you do too. We try our best to make sure your emails don’t find their way to spam folders.
We deliver clean simple and proper reports to you. You should always know where your money is going and how it benefits you. We are the email marketing experts you need

Ladder To Successful Email Marketing!

Email Marketing’s sole purpose is to attract potential customers, but how would you do that if your emails go unopened? A closed letter isn’t any good to anyone! We create Emails that are catchy and easy to read, A user friendly content is usually more appreciated among the readers. SimpliPixel’s ladder to great Email Marketing is here to save you from a botched Email Marketing Campaign.
Still, need more convincing why choose us? Well, we know how to take care of that as well! Scroll down...

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