App Store Optimization: Why App Store Optimization Is Important?

app store optimization

App store optimization strategies are important, not a lot of people understand why app store optimization is important. In this guide we will tell you all about ASO marketing strategy, how does app store optimization work and more. The main point is that if you wish to get your app to rank higher on search results and also want to know the best tools and services in the industry, then you will need to read this article to the end. Here are the best app store optimization tips that you can use.

Details About the Mobile Industry

During the starting period, Apple App Store had only 500 apps, as for 2021, it has over 1.85 million applications. In the old days, it was easier for your app to rank on top of the search results. Now that Google and Apple are leading the play store market, they are more picky with the kind of apps they allow to be published on the platform. The ASO Marketing techniques will help you get around the trial and error method and get your app ranked higher than your competitors.

What Is App Store Optimization?

Imagine this, a user opens their app store searches for a gaming app and finds your app on the top. The user then downloads the app. While this may sound like a distant dream, it actually isn’t. Ideal app store optimization tools will help you make this dream come true.

What is App store optimization you ask? It’s a simple process where your app ranks in the top search results of a play store. The process is close to how search engine optimization works, but it is so much more than SEO. It can help increase the number of download on your app, it can help you increase user engagement, increase CTR and grow the exposure of your application.

Why App Store Optimization Is Important?

Out of all the app stores, the first quarter of 2020 Google Play Store ranked on top with 2.56 million apps to choose from. Apple play store ranks on the second position with 1.85 Million apps on the platform.

Now how would your app rank on top in a certain category among over 4 million apps. This is why app store optimization is important.

How Does App Store Optimization Work?

ASO, like SEO is an ongoing process, it optimizes all the elements of your app such as icons, screenshots, videos by making use of the right type of keywords. Before you start working, you will need to know that ASO is so much more than just using keywords to rank your app higher.

First you will need to learn about two primary factors named on metadata and off metadata. Here’s what they mean:

On-Metadata: On-Metadata factors are under complete control of a developer and off meta data aren’t in the control of the developer.

App Store Optimization Strategies

You should know that the app store optimization strategies are different for both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Here are different app store strategies for different app stores:

ASO Marketing Strategy For Google Play Store

1. Do Market Research

The first step in any kind of marketing strategy is to complete market research. How can you do market research about app store? The first thing that you need to determine is what niche your app falls under? Is your app a gaming app or an educational app or something else altogether? Using this will help you find the right kind of keywords which you will be targeting in the future.

Another thing you will need to ask yourself, is who are your competitors? What kind of strategies are they using to rank higher, you can develop your own strategy around your competitor’s and get ahead of them.

2. Find Ideal Keywords

Now that you have completed market research and understand how the market works, you need to choose the right kind of keywords.

It doesn’t matter what platform you are on, keywords are extremely important. You need to find out what words are people typing in the search bar to get an idea of the situation. If you can find the right keyword for your app, you can find higher ranking.

You need to focus on the right type of keywords, if you’re launching a new application and targeting a keyword with high competition then you are in trouble. We suggest that you target long-tail keywords as they are easier to rank on.

3. Pick the Right Title

The title of the app should make the users understand what the purpose of the app is. Your app title should have the brand name and your primary keyword. The title should also be short, crisp and clear. It can help you grab the customer’s attention in a single go. This is one of the major app store optimization tips. Google allows you to use a maximum of 50 characters in the app name.

4. Optimize URL

Including a keyword in the URL will help you rank higher on the search results. It is one of the primary ASO marketing strategy. Before publishing the app, check the URL package on Google Play Store. You should keep in mind that you can’t change it once the app has been published.

5. Add Keyword In Developer Name

Another great ASO marketing techniques is that you can add a keyword in the developer name. This will help in optimizing the app for the search users do. You can add your primary keyword that is mostly the brand name in the developer name section.

6. Write Catchy Short Description

Google Play Store allows users to include up to 80 characters in the short description. This can allow you to do so much with limited space. A great short description usually states the features of the app and the kind of value it offers.

7. Create a Click-Worthy Description

Your app description needs to carry all the information that’s needed. It should clearly convey to the customers what they are getting from the app. The description should be formatted and it should outline the benefits and features of the application.

Secondly, you need to optimize the app description for the search engine. You can use up to 4000 characters, you can use a good amount of keywords in the description. You should avoid keyword stuffing as it doesn’t works well on platforms.

8. Create a Compelling Video

A video is a great way to show the users how the app works before they can download it. Adding a video is simple, just paste the URL of YouTube video in the “Promo Video” section. Do make sure that you aren’t using a link for the restricted video or playlist.

9. Screenshots Help

Screenshots allow users to see what the inner workings of the application looks like. If you show your potential audience what your app has to offer via screenshot, it can help you affect the conversion rate. You can add 8 screenshots with 2 as the minimum number of screenshots.

App Store Optimization Tips for Apple Store

The app store optimization checklist contains a lot of things that you need to follow. The ASO marketing techniques for Google Play Store and Apple App Store vary greatly. Here are the best app store optimization tips for Apple Store.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is as crucial in Apple App store optimization as it is on Google Play Store. Although you need to keep in mind that both of them work differently from each other. So the first step in the Apple App store optimization is to find just the right combination of keywords.

How do you find the right set of keywords? The simplest way is to search for the suggestions in the Apple App store search bar or you can invest in a good keyword research tool.

2. Ideal App Name

Just like Google Play Store, you need to pick the right name for your app. The name should also include your primary keyword for better ranking. You can include only 30 characters in the app name, you can change the title only when you publish the updated version of the application. Make sure to choose your name wisely.

3. Subtitle

While Apple allows just 30 characters in the app name, it allows you to add a subtitle. Finding the right subtitle can affect rankings. You should add good keyword combination in your subtitle to hit the top charts. Same as the App Name, subtitles can be changed only when you submit an updated version of the app.

4. Great Description

The description is 4000 words long and you can change it whenever you submit a new version of your application. If has the capability to affect search rankings so make sure to include the right combination of keywords. Keep the app description clear, highlight the features and benefits of using your application, it should showcase what your app & brand stands for and you should also avoid keyword stuffing.

5. Developer Name

The developer name appears in search so it also affects where you app ranks in the search results. Optimizing it for search will help you boost your rankings and help the app rank higher on “Today tab, Games tab and Apps tab”.

The developer name section is located below the app name so the users have to scroll down to see it, which means it won’t affect the conversion rate.

6. Catchy Video

Apple allows you to upload 3 video previews about how the app works. These appear right before the screenshots and make sure the users experience the apps before you download it. The videos can be 30 seconds long and they can play on mute in search and product page. It is one of the best app store optimization tools and it can heavily affect the conversion rate.

7. Screenshots

Apple app store allows you to post up to 10 screenshots and they feature right after the preview videos. The screenshots don’t actually affect the search result ranking but they do affect CTR and conversion rate.

The requirement of the screenshots are:

  • High quality JPEG or PNG Format
  • 72dpi, flattened, no transparency, RGB

The purpose of the screenshot is the same as Google Play Store as it can showcase the best features of the app.

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