Best Google Marketing Tools That You Should Use For Best Results

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Google is the biggest search engine in the industry, it holds the biggest market share out of all the search engine platforms. Google gets over 3.5 billion searches each day, behind the search result are countless hours spent by SEO experts trying to rank on top. There are countless business tools offered by Google, which can become the heart and soul of online marketers. You can use these Google tools to change the way you work and your online marketing tools. Here are all the best Google Marketing tools that you should use for getting the results you need. 

Top Google Marketing Tools For Businesses

There are several tools offered by Google for online marketing. All these tools have different purposes and they provide you with an advantage over your competitors. You can use these tools for your betterment. In this article, we will discuss a variety of tools that are needed for online marketers for the advantage of online marketing.

1. Google My Business

As a business, you would want to make sure that more and more people know about your brand. If you too wish to spread the word about your business on Google free of cost, then Google My Business is one of the best tools to use. To use it, all you need to do is to claim your business name on the Google My Business listing. Your business name will be later featured in the specific search results and you can even find your business listing on Google Maps. 

It is crucial for local businesses to be listed on local searches. As an online business marketer, it is a basic requirement for your business to be listed on local search results. If you haven’t registered your business on Google My Business till now then we recommend you do so right away.

2. Google+ Pages

Now that Google Authorship and Google +1s are eliminated from the search results, the main thing is all about staying active on Google+ Business Pages if your business operates all over the world. As we mentioned above, Google has massive coverage all over the world and it offers a great opportunity for businesses to have a fixed spot on Google+ pages which you only have to update every once in a while. Also, it is so much easier to create and maintain a business page on Google+. 

If you run a local business, building and maintaining a Google+ Page will go perfectly with maintaining your Google My Business profile. You should also know that Google My Business will also include a link to the Google+ business page, so it is worth putting in extra effort to make sure your Google+ Page is up to date and pleasing enough to be shared online. As an SEO expert, you should learn to optimize the Google+ Business Page and all the benefits it offers.

3. Webmaster Tools On Google

Every SEO expert should know the inner and outer workings of Google Webmaster. If you want to gain some better insights into your website and how Google views your website, then you will need to set up the Google Webmaster account for leveraging the tools. 

All the Webmaster tools will provide you with alerts or red flags, correcting these things will help you prevent your website from being out of your top-ranking positions. Google Webmaster will also allow you to analyze the existing traffic on your website. Getting access to all this information will help you optimize your pages for better results or change your marketing strategy for more traffic and engagement.

4. Google Docs, Slides, Sheets & Forms

Let’s say that you and your team are collaborating on a particular project, Google Suite will offer you a collection of several tools, including Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. You can use these tools with a typical desktop sharing software. The purpose of these tools are listed as such:

  • Google Docs for collaborating on word documents
  • Google Sheets as spreadsheets on Excel. Your whole team can edit and collaborate on a sheet.
  • Google Slides for collaborating on PPT Presentations. 
  • Google Forms to collect and correlate survey responses.

Sharing and analyzing information on marketing data is one of the most crucial parts of online marketing. Google Suite’s usage for sharing and collaborating on information makes it the best tool for doing so. You can share any kind of data, including blogs, e-book, blog posts, marketing slides, surveys, or any other kind of data for analysis. As Google Suite is a shared platform, all the information collected and shared for a project can be accessed from anywhere through any device in real-time.

5. Google AdWords

If ordinary SEO techniques aren’t enough for you and you wish to provide a boost to your organic results then you should try out Google AdWords. By using Google AdWords, you can create a targeted ad with top keywords related to your business. With Pay-Per-Click ads, you can make your business website appear on top of the organic search result. The cost of Google AdWords Ads depends on how competitive the keyword you have chosen is. With this, you will only have to pay for the number of clicks on your ad. 

However, AdWords is really expensive in comparison to the normal SEO techniques. While it provides instant gains but it still is extremely expensive, the best way to use Google AdWords is by combining it with SEO. Combining both of them will allow you to rank on top of multiple keywords.

6. Google Keyword Planner

If you’re planning to use Google AdWords then a keyword planner is essential for you to use. It will help you identify the top keywords related to your business and you can target your audience based on your niche. Google AdWords keyword planner is a vital tool in determining the keywords you need for your ads. Also, you will need to create a Google AdWords account to use the online business tool, although it doesn’t mean that you will absolutely have to pay for advertisements. 

7. DoubleClick Search

Just like Google AdWords, DoubleClick Search is an amazing tool that will help you with your PPC Campaign. DoubleClick is also a Google Suite tool for advertisers that help them measure their ads’ relevance and target them to the right type of audience. The purpose of this tool is to close the loop of their marketing efforts between the display and search to use both these channels in a balanced way. Using this tool will help the marketers understand which keywords they have to target and which keywords they don’t. 

While you do have advanced tools from Google such as Google Trends, Google Drive, Google Alerts, Google News, Google Voice, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Google Analytics, Google FeedBurner, YouTube, and Google AdSense, and a few more. However, not every one of us will need the tools mentioned above, but using the right set of tools and a combination of them will allow you to gain an upper hand over your competitors in the world of online marketing.

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