What Is Google Knowledge Graph? Everything You Should Know

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Google is getting smarter every single day all for the goal of improving user experiences in all areas. Whatever features are offered by Google, such as accurate text-based search results, carousel results and people also ask section. Whatever feature offered by Google, is constantly improving. One such great factor about Google that is usually in the talks is the Google Knowledge Graph. This giant widow showcases all the notable information about a person, place, or any other thing. As an SEO manager, you should know as much as you can about the Google Knowledge graph and how it works. In this article, we will be discussing all there is to know about Google Knowledge Graph.

What Is Google Knowledge Graph?

Knowledge Graph is a system that has been around for a long time. Without a doubt, it is one of the biggest changes in Google in recent years. Simply put, the Knowledge Graph is a system utilized by Google to provide more accurate search results by offering a variety of facts, numbers, and important data related to the user’s search. This system allows the users quick access to additional information that allows the users to explore more information on the subject. 

Launched in 2012, the Knowledge Graph is a search result format offered by Google that provides a wide range of information about the user’s queries. You can see Knowledge Graph appearing on the right side of your display (noticeable on the desktop version). To give you a better idea of how the Google Knowledge Graph works, imagine you search about any of the famous actors/actresses, Google will provide all the information about the entity.

For example, the entity you search for, you will get information like their profession, a brief introduction about the person, their social media handles, etc. Apart from these details, the Google Knowledge Graph will also provide you with personal information including age, height, spouse(s), children, and more. 

Let’s say you searched for a movie actor/actress, the Knowledge Graph will show you any upcoming projects they are linked with. Google will also provide you with some other suggestions made by other people. These suggestions come under the section “People also searched for”. 

The greatest thing about these advanced results is that people can get interconnected information regarding your query. As per Google, Knowledge Graphs are useful as they’re made specifically designed to provide as much information as possible about one particular subject.

How These Panels Are Generated by Google?

These panels of information are generated and updated automatically using a proprietary algorithm. Google has more than 500 billion facts about 5 billion entities in Google’s Knowledge Graph Database. The search results are provided by an automatic algorithm is believed to be different from the other improvement algorithms. Below we have mentioned what the search result looks like via the Knowledge Graph:

  • A short description of the search.
  • A brief but complete descriptive content about that person, place, or thing.
  • Single or multiple pictures of the person, place, thing, or event. 
  • Important and most searched facts about the search query.
  • Social media profiles of the person. 

Along with all this information, Google also shows as “people also search for” section where you can find queries related to your question on Google. Along with this, you’ll also find some particular information about a person like their quotes, books, movies, or songs. 

Sources of Collected Information Presented on Knowledge Graph

There are a number of sources from where Google collects their information for the knowledge Graphs. According to Google, they only collect information from licensed databases and online sources. Most of the information that you will find on search result pages is from Wikipedia pages because the site has the highest authority on providing the right type of information. 

About the medical and health-related content that is found on Google, the company has stated that to provide this important information, Google works closely works with medical associates to get the needed information. 

If the information you’re searching for is about a specific event where frequent changes happen. Google has bots that regularly crawl the verified database more frequently than normal to maintain the right flow of information.

Making Changes To Google Knowledge Graph

If you feel that the Google Knowledge Graph is showing old and irrelevant information, then you can suggest needed changes to Google. Just below the Knowledge Graph results, you will find an option for feedback on the right bottom side. Whenever you click on the option, you will see an option to choose from the section of information that needs correction. 

Select the section that has wrong information and you can add a comment to it. After you fill in your answer and submit it, the team will review if the information is correct or not. If the information is related to the public interest, then you can expect a much faster rectification from Google’s team. 

Also, if a person or a company has claimed the panel, then they can directly contact Google’s team to make needful changes. There are high chances that Google will verify the information that you’ve gotten corrected.

How Can You Enter The Knowledge Graph?

Google hasn’t shared any kind of guide that you can use to be a part of the knowledge graph. However, SEO experts have provided tips and suggestions for becoming a part of the knowledge graph. Here are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind while optimizing your website the next time.

  • Structured Data

Organized information is highly crucial for both users and bots. The first step that you should take is to implement structured data on your site as such type of information helps bots in indexing them faster. If you’re using a CMS like WordPress, then you can take the help of numerous paid and free plugins to get this done. 

  • Create a Proper Google My Business Profile

Having a great “My Business Profile” is crucial when you have a local business domain. GMB helps in improving credibility as well as bring in more customers without spending more on marketing. 

  • Try To Get Listed on Wikipedia

As most of the information is gathered from the Wikipedia database, it will help your business if you can get your brand listed on Wikipedia or Wikipedia.org platforms. If your brand is already recognized country-wide or globally then it won’t be that hard to get listed on such platforms. 

  • Creating Social Media Profiles

In this age of digitalization, your brand needs to have great social media profiles. Social media profiles are vital as it boasts higher brand trust on the internet. Google considers these factors into their ranking factors. You should be an active member of these social media profiles to create great brand value. 

  • Get Your Brand Listed on Popular Listing Sites

Getting your website listed on popular listing sites is highly valuable. Highly ranked websites are important for users as they help in providing the right type of information at one source. Make sure you are listing your brand on a popular listing site that has a substantial user base. 

  • Have High Authority Backlinks

According to some SEO experts, having a strong backlink profile can play a very significant role in improving your odds of entering the Google Knowledge Graph. Having a number of quality backlinks will help you rank your websites higher than usual. 

  • Getting Rid of Technical Issues

The last but not the least tip offered by SEO experts is to fix all the technical issues on your website. If you can solve your website issues such as site loading speed, content issues, high spam score, and bounce rate, then you have a higher chance of getting into the Google Keyword Graph.

Conclusion: How Google Knowledge Graph Helps With SEO?

Having a Knowledge Graph for your brand helps in getting more traffic on your website and even more conversion. If you’re listed on the Google Knowledge Graph, it becomes easier for Google to find your website in a much better way. 

Make sure that you follow basic SEO guidelines whenever you publish new content on your website. Doing so will help the index bots to crawl your website much easier. If your competitors are ranking on the Google Knowledge Graph, you need to do an in-depth analysis of your website to figure out where you’re lacking.

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