Core Web Vitals: Why Is Core Web Vitals Important In SEO?

core web vital

Google is known to constantly push out updates for better UI and other factors. Each update tends to add 100+ ranking factors being added every year, almost all the SEO experts are often puzzled by the top ranking factors. Google releases 2-3 core updates every year and whenever they do, Google makes sure that the changes are implemented on Webmaster as well. The same goes for the latest update named “Core web vitals” and it’s going to be one of the major ranking factors. 

Google encourages people to follow the necessary steps to improve the user experience. They may be page insights, mobile-first indexing, and easier navigation, all these are factors focused on growing the overall user experience. As a marketer, if you observe the available ranking signs closely, you will notice that these signs improve the internet on every day basis. Remember the time when websites took so much longer to load. Now, almost every single website you open is stable and loads quicker than ever. All these factors help Google to rank a website based on the efforts put by an SEO expert in improving the user experience. 

If you’re wondering what is core web vitals in Google search console, then you should know that this will be a huge ranking factor that will be linked directly with User experience and website speed. And if your website already has an excellent User experience and better than average speed then your chances of ranking increase dramatically. If your website isn’t doing well in these 2 areas then the core web vitals SEO impact can be huge.

What Is Core Web Vitals Why It Is Important?

Core web vial is a huge update for all the important factors in ranking a website. Factors that help in boosting an overall User Experience like speed, intrusive interstitials, mobile-friendliness, and much more. User Experience boosting factors are not exactly related to content creation, but they are based on how comfortable a user can use your website and find the information, product, services he/she has been looking for. 

This Google core web vitals update will be more important for mobile users because the speeds of websites are often slower on mobile phones than on computers and laptops. Basically in this Google core web vitals update, Google is measuring the speed of the website on various platforms. 

Wondering what is core web vitals why it is important? Well, the speed of a website is more important than the quality of content provided. Google already has various algorithms in place for checking the quality of the content and rank your website based on the quality of your content. Google core web vitals update will be specifically catered towards improving website performance. We can say that the update is all about your website making an ideal impression on the users in the first go.

Core Web Vitals SEO Impact

 Whenever Google releases a new update or algorithm, it’s generally applicable to all websites and devices and it’s the same case with this update as well. From normal search results to desktop results to mobile search results, all the results will be impacted by Google core web vitals update. This update will have a major impact on sites that are often appearing in the Google Top stories. 

Google Top Stories is the section where Google gathers news from all different websites provides it to the users as top stories or top news. In the previous updates, your website needed to have AMP integration for your website to reach the top stories section. However, according to the latest update, the integration of AMP won’t be needed to reach the top stories section. All your websites will need to meet the criteria that can improve website speed and overall user experience. 

If you already have a website that performs well in terms of speed and UX then you will get a great benefit from this update. One of the biggest core web vitals SEO impact will be for those website owners who don’t really care about user experience or website speed. 

When Will This Core Web Vitals Update Happen?

According to various sources, Google is ready to roll out this update very quickly in mid-2021. The Google core web vitals has been delayed due to the current outbreak situation. According to some experts of the industry, the update will take at least 2 months to be released. So all the SEO experts can spend their time updating their website accordingly. 

As for the core web vitals SEO impact, the good news is that just like all the other core updates, it won’t be huge enough to turn the world 360. All thanks to the small and big Google updates that keep on happening every now and then. Keeping that in mind, let’s have a look at the three main things that every website owner should focus on to keep their site updates for the Google core web vitals update:

  • Largest contentful paint (LCP)
  • Cumulative layout shift (CLS)
  • First input delay (FID)
Largest Contentful Paint

For all the less tech-savvy people out there, LCP checks how fast the pages of your website load. This can be influenced by multiple factors such as images, videos on your website, and how much time it takes to render those. It doesn’t matter if it is the desktop version or the mobile version of your website. To improve LCP google search console, you need to minify the resources of your website and make sure your website loads faster. 

Cumulative Layout Shift

This is quite similar to LCP but it has a small variation. In this, Google checks how fast your webpage can get stable after it is visible for the first time. If you open a website for the first time and try to click on something, most of the time it clicks on something else. This is measure in Cumulative layout shift, to fix this issue, web developers need to work on their HTML and other coding standards to make sure the code is as stable as possible. 

First Input Delay (FID)

In FID, Google checks how fast your website gets interactive as it is opened on a device. To optimize this, website developers need to make sure to optimize their JS and other server-side resources.

Conclusion: Core Web Vitals

On the first look, Google Core web vitals update is all about focusing on three main factors: LCP, CLS, FID. If you carefully optimize these three criteria, you will decide the winning factor for your business. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that this update is not all about content but the overall quality of your website. The main goal of this Google core web vitals update is to make sure each website works hard in improving its user experience. 

So, you will need to focus on both quality content, and the quality of your website as well. As a web developer, when you’ll focus on all the aspects of your website, it will help in boosting the SEO of the website as well. 

This brand new strategy will help you grow the user experience of your regular visitors but it will also help in retaining more customers in the future. The right time is now, you should start acting on it and prepare your website for this update. 

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