5 Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools to Find Copied Content

free online plagiarism checker

Nothing can cause more harm to your website than duplicate content. If you own a website or a business then you must know the importance of fresh informative content. As a business owner or a website, you should always ensure that your website’s pages don’t contain any copied content. The biggest drawback of using plagiarized content is that Google, Bing, and all the other search engines can and will penalize your website for the same. If you’re trying to build a brand or a whole business from your website, then this penalty is something that you can’t afford. You need the help of the best free plagiarism checker tools to fish out the duplicate content on your website. There are countless free online plagiarism checker and we have picked our 5 favorites for you. 

There’s another side to this duplicate content coin too, instead of your website stealing content, some other websites may be stealing your content. If your website is performing well then chances are that some marketer somewhere will try to steal your content. This will cause most of your traffic to shift to that other website. There have been more than enough cases where the duplicate website ends up taking over the original website on search engine results. If you don’t wish for the same to happen to you, then you need the help of the 5 best duplicate content checker tools that we have mentioned in this blog.

What Is Copied/Duplicate/Plagiarized Content?

The term “duplicate content” is pretty self-explanatory, but to make things a bit clearer for you, here is the ideal definition of duplicate content. Google Search Console Help Center has deemed duplicate content as ““Duplicate content refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains. That either completely matches other content or are appreciably similar.”

It can be a huge problem for search engines when several websites publish the same kind of content. The biggest concern is for users as they may or may not get actual information regarding their queries. Content duplication also affects website rankings and it can cause some original content publishing websites to vanish from top search engine pages. A copied content checker can help in finding if your website is using duplicate content. 

Search engine algorithms don’t allow them to show content that is similar to each other whenever a user searches for something. There are a lot of factors that affect your website if you are constantly publishing duplicate content, you may get a small penalty or you may be banned permanently. To find out plagiarized content on your website, you have a lot of choices. Not all the tools offer the best results and functionalities. Here are our pick for free online plagiarism checker with percentage.

Top 5 Plagiarism Checkers for Website

The easiest and the best way to detect duplicate content on your website is by employing the top copied content checker. There are thousands of free online plagiarism checker but not all of them offer accurate results. 

We have curated our list of best free plagiarism checker tools based on accuracy, speed, and User experience. Here are the best-copied content checker according to us:

1. Duplichecker

The Duplichecker plagiarism checker is one of the top-rated copied content checker on Google Query. It’s easy and simple to use tool that almost anyone can use with ease. It provides three content checking options, you can either copy/paste content, upload a file, or paste the URL of the website or specific page you wish to check the content for. 

Duplichecker content checker does thorough research across millions of texts and provides a percentage and sentence wise result. All the sentences that are plagiarized are marked as red and users can even compare the source of the original content. Click on it to compare content, and then you can change the content on your website. If you want you can even download a comprehensive content report. Duplichecker plagiarism checker is our top pick for free online plagiarism checker with percentage.

2. Smallseotools Plagiarism Checker

The next best plagiarism checker is the Smallseotools plagiarism checker. The reason it’s the second-best copied content checker is that it offers two methods of checking content. Users can either copy/paste the text or upload a file to check the content. It also has a third option which is to check copied content via a URL. 

It doesn’t offer as comprehensive a report as Duplichecker, but it still checks millions of sources to check the content. The smallseeotools plagiarism checker is without a doubt one of the best free plagiarism checker. In the status report, it offers plagiarism and percentage based on each sentence.

3. Plagiarism Detector 

The third best free online plagiarism checker is the “Plagiarism detector”. Users can check copied content using either the copy/paste method, by excluding a particular URL or just checking the whole website. 

It is a great copied content checker and it offers a detailed report of the content. The entered text is displayed in the last column and plagiarized content are highlighted in red like all the other copied content checker. In the right column, the plagiarized sources are displayed, if you want, users can even download the report. 

4. CopyScape Free Plagiarism Checker

The fourth tool on our list of free online plagiarism checker is CopyScape. It is a widely known tool in the market, and it doesn’t offer a copy/paste text or Exclude option. The only way you can check plagiarized content is by pasting the specific URL. 

CopyScape is very popular among online marketers who want to check if their URL has duplicate content. Click on any of the URL that you want to check, copy it, and paste it in CopyScape. It is without a doubt one of the best free online plagiarism checker.

5. Siteliner Duplicate Content Checker

The last but not the least best free plagiarism checker on our list is Siteliner. It is very similar to CopyScape as users can’t use the copy/paste feature or the excluding URL feature. It is still a great free online plagiarism checker with percentage. 

You can check for copied content by selecting a particular URL. The report displayed by the tool is labeled as “your top issues”. Click on the duplicate content and it will show you the site containing the duplicate content. It also displays the percentage of the copied content. 

Conclusion: Free Online Plagiarism Checker

Most websites owner don’t even know that they’re running copied content on their websites. As we discussed, there are countless harms of using duplicate content on your website. Most of the content duplication issues on your website can be fixed by rewriting content. 

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