5 Tips to Improve your PPC Campaign’s Performance

PPC Campaign's Tips

PPC Advertising is the best and most effective form of Online Marketing. Pay Per Click (PPC) works on a per click basis. Whenever a user clicks on an advertisement, the publisher has to pay money to Google or any search engine they are running their ads on.

How difficult could that be? VERY! With thousands of minds working in the same direction as you, how will you make sure your ad is the one that gets the maximum conversion. Yes, you can use PPC to direct targeted traffic to your website but what’s the surety that they’ll convert into something? That’s why you optimize your PPC Campaigns. Better Performance, Greater ROI and More Sales.

Set Your Goals

Just like everything else in life, PPC Campaigns need a goal. Without a definite goal in mind, you’ll just end up spending a lot of money. The goal is the ultimate stepping stone for your PPC Campaigns. That’s why you need to make sure that you have a roadmap ready to help you achieve your goals.

What your goals are will define how you will optimize your PPC Campaign.

Choose The High Performing Keywords

You need to check the performance of your keywords regularly. It is how you’ll find out which keyword is performing best. The keywords that are giving you the most traffic, click or conversions are the ones you need to focus on.  

Keep one thing in mind, when few of your keywords are performing well then that doesn’t mean you keep running the same campaign. Make changes and optimize your campaign for better results. Keep changing your bidding strategy for high performing keywords.

Clear Out Low Performing Keywords

If there are keywords that are performing exceptionally well then there are also keywords that are not performing at all. Look at your reports, analyze them, pick the lowest-performing keywords and kick them out of your campaign. These low performing keywords will hurt your entire campaign. These keywords are the cause your ad budget goes to waste.

There are different sorts of low performing keywords like:

  • Impressions but no Clicks
  • No Impressions at all
  • Clicks with a higher bounce rate

Optimize your keywords for better performance of your campaign.

Make Ad-Specific Landing Pages

Landing pages make all the difference. Your ad and landing pages should complement each other. Users should get the information or product for what they clicked on the ad. Some marketers make the grave mistakes of directing the users to their homepage or making a simple landing page. This can and will hurt your conversion rate.

A/B Testing For Better Results

A/B testing is the process that determines your ad relevancy and performance. It is a universal step in a PPC campaign. There is multiple types of A/B testing. You can test the performance of your ads by running it on different platforms with significant changes.

Either change the content of the ad, you can change the heading of your ads to see whether they perform better or not.

You can also test the landing pages you are directing your audience on. By changing images, layout and small details. These small changes can help you attain better results. Just keep one thing in mind, Change only one thing at a time to understand the end results. If you change too many things at once you then won’t be able to determine what caused the sudden increase or decrease in performance.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget to monitor your PPC Campaign’s performance. The data is your insight for the betterment of your campaign. Keep track of which keywords are performing well and which are hurting the overall performance. Optimize them well and achieve the success you deserve.

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