Learn Advanced SEO Techniques 2021

advanced seo techniques 2021

If you want to learn more than just basic SEO techniques and want to explore advanced SEO tips and advanced SEO strategies, this article will be really helpful for you.

Also, after discovering these advanced SEO tips, you can get amazing results. Also, if you want to understand how to use advanced search engine optimization, then these advanced on page SEO techniques will help you build high-quality links, creating valuable content and to prioritize semantic search to search keywords.

Advanced SEO Tactics And Strategy:

 If you want to be updated and on top of Google’s evolving algorithm, it’s time to figure out these advanced SEO tips and techniques.

  1. Use Linkless Brand Mentions: When it comes to ranking, the brand reputation does matter as per Google Search Quality Guidelines. Therefore, you need to understand that links are important but now search engines also look for a brand reputation for the ranking purpose.

To build the reputation of your brand, you can follow some points like:

  • Do not forget to mention the name of your brand on a digital platform whenever you get the chance to do so, you should mention your brand name.
  • Respond to your customers and users as soon as you can, especially on the social media platform.
  • You can also mention your presence (brand name, address, website, timings) on social listening along with your services or product reviews, good ones, and complaints as well.

2. Mobile-First Indexing: This is another advanced SEO tip to use Mobile-first indexing. What does it do? This is the way to index and rank the mobile version of your site to the desktop version. This advanced SEO tip is also helpful to improve the responsiveness of your site, especially if you know that most of your visitors are using mobile to visit your site.

It is better to not use intrusive interstitials because intrusive interstitials are not user-friendly. Whenever you create any new content, try to save all the content from a desktop site that helps to rank your site, and do not use formats that have trouble loading on mobile phones.

So, in simple words, you need to create new content keeping mobile in mind because nowadays mobile visitors are more than desktop or laptop visitors. So, you can use this step as an advanced SEO tactics and strategy.

3. More SERP space: This is also a helpful advanced SEO tip for SERP staple ads, answer boxes, local packs. The reason it is helpful to use SERP staple is that nowadays the only thing we can rely on is organic search results that are changing now and then.

To get the featured snippet, you need to create content that includes keywords that are ranking and try to include these keywords in the questions that have the common answers to your user’s questions.

4. Video is the New Way to Mark Your Space: Now, it’s time to create content based on the art of visual communication because in today’s world people are more interested in watching a video than reading a paragraph on your product and services. This does not mean that you will write nothing and just make videos, videos are a much easier and engaging way of spoon-feeding about your product and services to your customers.

As per some facts, people watch 1 billion hours of YouTube video content on an average per day. And, this makes YouTube the second biggest search engine because for every single problem or query that people want to watch as a video instead of reading it, had been searching on YouTube. Therefore, adding this to your advanced SEO techniques 2021.

Some of the best ways to make videos and to optimize those videos are:

  1. Make some short videos for your brand or make videos on your product and services.
  2. Create the content on how to use your product and services to educate your audience.
  3. Connect with your audience through live broadcasts, interviews and webinars.
  4. Use ranking keywords, tags, and using exact keywords.
  5. Upload your videos on other popular platforms like Vimeo, Wistia, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, etc.

5. Don’t Forget to Upgrade Your Google My Business Listing: In order to develop a local search, Google has added a new feature in GMB – Google My Business. It is strongly linked with the ranking factors of the local pack. Some key factors of GMB – Google My Business are Google Q&A, reviews, Google posts, and images.

This is another advanced SEO tips that will be helpful for you.

  • Like you publish posts on other social media platforms, you can publish these posts on Google posts as well.
  • You can also add your own Q&A to Google questions and answers.
  • Do not forget to use some of the engaging calls to action to strike a conversation with your users and customers.
  • You can also update images every day in the GMB – Google My Business listing. Now, you also get the feature to add videos, so you can also add videos.

We hope that these simple but advanced SEO strategies help you improve your digital world presence and further help you grow your brand name, products, and services.

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