How To Do Keyword Research for Your Website?

how to do keyword research

How to perform keyword research step-by-step for your website is the first step in building a great website. Keywords are basically like magnets and they tend to attract more traffic to your website. All the SEO marketers know the value of keywords. Almost every single person knows that using keywords result in getting more traffic organically from search engine result pages. So now you know that how important keywords are, you need to learn how to do keyword research.

A keyword analysis is conducted to get the appropriate and useful keywords for your SEO services. Keywords are not only useful in on-page SEO, but they also are useful in Off-page SEO. If you’re wondering what is keyword research in digital marketing, then you should know that keywords are useful for anything related to online business or marketing. Every single piece of content that you write on your website or your blog page needs to have a proper keyword in it. You need to ask yourself how to search for keywords on a web page? Here’s a step by step guide on how to do keyword research.

What Do You Mean By Keywords?

Before we go on ahead teaching you what is keyword research in Digital Marketing and how to do keyword research, you need to know what is a keyword? 

To put it simply, a keyword is a specific word that users search on a search engine. If you’re searching for methods to make tea then “How to make Tea” is a keyword. These words or phrases are what users type in to find relevant keywords. Some keywords are location specific while others have a call to action in them. Some keywords are primary while others are secondary. 

What Is Keyword Research?

The term itself should be very clear, keyword research is basically when someone researches for keywords. Why should you research keywords is the real question. To do keyword research, a team of experts works together on some specific keywords. The whole team research more keywords to get more details on a particular topic.

What Is the Importance of Keyword Research?

As mentioned, when you research keywords, you get more information about them. The first thing is to search for some keywords that are relevant to your topic or the niche of your business. However, there are thousands of keywords and their variations on a similar topic. How will you find which keyword is useful for you and which is not? 

That’s why keyword research is extremely important, a team of SEO analysts researches some keywords on a particular topic. They try to find out metrics about the keywords and all the keyword report is compared and analyzed to figure out which of the keyword is ideal for your business.

How To Do Keyword Research?

Now that you have a better idea about keywords, you can do keyword research. Do you know how to search for keywords on a web page? Here are all the basic steps of keyword research, regardless of the fact what type of business you have:

1. Decide Your Topics

The first thing to do for keyword research tips is to find a relevant topic for you to research about. There are multiple topics on the internet and there are subcategories and subtopics. So if you aren’t completely aware of topics that you need, you can’t conduct keyword research for your brand. You must follow this first step before learning how to perform keyword research step-by-step?

2. Find Best Keyword Research Tools

There are literally thousands of keyword research tools in the industry. You will need an incredibly professional and thoroughly researching tool for yourself. The top keyword research tools in the market are “SEMRush, AHREFS & UberSuggest”

Each tool has its own set of pros and cons so you have to try each tool for yourself. 

3. Get Help From SERPs

The next step is to get help from search engine result pages, however, we aren’t saying that is a must needed step. Also, most digital marketers tend to miss this point while doing keyword research for their clients. You will find most keyword ideas at the bottom of the search engine result pages. 

4. Analyze & Compare Metrics

One of the best keyword research tips is to analyze and compare metrics that you collected using your keyword research tools. In a keyword research tool or SEO tool, you will find a lot of numbers, as a marketer, we are sure you know a lot about these metrics. 

5. Choose Best Keywords

After you’ve completed all the above steps, you will be left with a shortlist of keywords that are perfect for your business. Out of these keywords, you must compare the metrics and you must choose the perfect keyword for your campaign. There will be some primary and some secondary keywords that you can use. 

Important Things to Consider About Keywords

Now that you know about the process of keyword research, but if you don’t know about the metrics and stuff then here’s the stuff you need to know. 

1. Reach & Engagement

If you’re wondering how to do keyword research, the first thing you should check while choosing ideal keywords is the reach and engagement of your keyword. If a keyword doesn’t have any reach and engagement then it won’t be good for you to choose that keyword.

2. Target Audience & Location

Some keywords or groups of keywords target a specific location and specific audience. If your business model is suited for teens only then you will need to find keywords that suit your business model. The same goes for the audience and location metric of your keywords. 

3. Search Volume

One of the best keyword research tips is to choose keywords with high search volume. You must choose keywords with a volume of searches. Such keywords will give you a huge reach and engagement, you can target a large number of people using these keywords. 

4. Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is also a crucial factor to consider if you’re doing keyword research for lead generation. You need keywords with a higher conversion rate as you need to target keywords for better leads and if there is a low conversion rate then you’ll find difficulties to get more sales through your campaign.

5. CPC

Conversion rate is related to organic targeting that you offer using SEO and Keywords. You should also keep the CPC in mind while conducting keyword research. You must also check the cost-per-click (CPC) amount on an average basis for the keywords you are going to target in your advertising campaign.

Conclusion: How To Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is extremely important and it is one of the easiest parts of the whole SEO process. Without keyword research tools, you won’t be able to do any kind of research. So the first thing that’s required is tools and the second thing is planning. Once you’ve got all the things in order, all you have to do is follow the guide of keyword research we have mentioned above.

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