Which one is Better WordPress CMS or PHP Framework

Wordpress vs Php

Websites. We all need them. No business in this competitive market would survive without a great website. Your business website is the first impression you leave on your consumer. Building a suitable website for your business is a tricky task. Multiple factors are in play whenever you develop your website. Build it keeping your goal in mind. Let’s breakdown, which tool is better for you to build your website? WordPress vs PHP.

If there was a sure answer for the best method of building your website, then everything would have been much easier. There are so many options you can exploit to build your website. Everyone uses different tools based on their needs, knowledge, expertise, and budget.

Most of the people would suggest WordPress to get your website up and running but in reality, a PHP framework is as essential as WordPress. PHP offers you more flexibility, you can use more options and customize your website as per your preference at the sole cost of time. Let’s do a breakdown of both options and find out for ourselves which option is better for building websites.

WordPress CMS: A brief Breakdown

Describing WordPress in a few words can be difficult. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). The function of CMS is to help you create, manage & Design your content into a website. Most of the CMS comes pre-equipped with a visually attractive theme for your website.

WordPress allows you to increase the functionality of its basic features with the help of plugins, tools, and themes available for free to download. You can also spend a little money and buy premium plugins and themes. Premium themes offer you better support and better functionality, which in return helps your website to have a unique look.

The reason WordPress became so famous is that it can help you create a website out of nothing. Even if you are a complete beginner, you can create your own website with a little effort. User-friendly operations are the biggest reason most of the people would suggest you use WordPress CMS for building your website.

WordPress is not a small platform, millions of users across the world use it on a daily basis. Multiple top brands have recolonized WordPress as an Industry Level CMS, which has helped a lot of people kick start their business.

What’s the Need of PHP Framework?

To understand what is PHP (Hypertext, PreProcessor), you need to have knowledge of coding itself. PHP is a programming language used to develop websites, applications, and a few other tools. It is a language that gives WordPress the power to function smoothly.

PHP is a framework that makes it more flexible and more suitable for building websites. Better tools and functions are built into PHP already. You can use PHP for creating dynamic websites. As of right now, PHP is used in over 240 million websites worldwide. PHP gets a lot of mixed feedback from both users and experts alike.   

PHP offers better functionality, it can help you give your website the exact shape you want to. WordPress can be a little rigid at some points. That’s where PHP prevails.  

WordPress vs PHP: Which One Should You Choose? 

Both the options are great for building a website but which one prevails over the other one? Let’s find out, which you should choose: WordPress vs PHP!


How much can you spend while building your website that’s the most basic question? People think that WordPress is a cheaper option as it is a Content Management System. The statement is both true & false. The core development is free, but you may end up paying for premium themes and plug-ins. Making your website on WordPress can be cheaper as well as a costlier option. PHP can suit you better if you are budget conscious while building your website.

Website Type

Are you building a personal blog site or a huge E-commerce website? Maybe you want a single-page website or a multi-layered website. We believe that building a too complex website is best suited for PHP. However, if you have a website, that’s ever-changing, full of blogs or informative content, then WordPress is a much better option.

Programming Knowledge

If you can boast about your programming prowess, then you should always go for PHP as a medium of building your website. However, if you are a novice in programming, then WordPress would suit your needs. If you are a PHP expert, then you’ll have more options and flexibility at your disposal.

SEO Friendly

Your knowledge about SEO makes all the difference. You can make your website as SEO friendly as you want if you just remember to put proper Meta tags, Titles, Headings and descriptions at the right places. WordPress makes it easier for a user to make a website SEO friendly, as there are a lot of Plugins to help you show what you need.


Both the website can be easily hacked if you don’t take all the precautions. If you miss out on a few crucial points on a PHP website, then it gets easy to hack your website. WordPress Security is better as ti provides more plugins to help you keep your website secure.

Customer Experience

CX is something everyone keeps in mind while building a website. WordPress offers better customer experience compared to PHP. As WordPress has themes made with the sole focus of increasing customer experience. With PHP, you get flexibility and Simplicity, but the guarantee of Customer Experience is based on a programmer.  


It all comes down to the nature of the website and the type of website that is you will build. If you are a coding expert, then you should choose PHP as it gives you the power to change every small thing you wish for. WordPress is more suitable if you are a beginner and looking to create your website, which focuses on customer experience.

Make sure you choose carefully as your website is a very important part of your business.

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