Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2021: How Can You Grow on Pinterest?

pinterest marketing strategy 2021

When it was launched, no one thought that Pinterest would grow as big as it has grown today. If you’re unaware of what Pinterest is and you can use it to grow your business, then here’s a small explanation. “Pinterest is a web-based pinboard where users can browse information about any niche such as books, automobile, travel or best food items in a certain location”. The audience for Pinterest is growing every single day, the reason is simple, Pinterest offers a lot of insights into your favorite topics. So, by using Pinterest marketing strategy 2021, you as a business can show your products and services. The best part about Pinterest is that it can grow your business from small scale to medium. Before delaying this further, here is our guide to the best Pinterest marketing strategies.

Pin Often & Consistently

Don’t haste! That’s the best online marketing strategy for almost every single platform. Marketing strategies take time to show desired results. We suggest that you don’t pin a lot of things at the same time. 

Post one thing every single day, especially if you’re just starting on the platform. The best time to post is when a lot of people are online on the platform. You will need to find the ideal time to post on Pinterest for maximum engagement. Consistent pinning is one of the best Pinterest marketing strategies. 

Build a Brilliant Content Strategy

Writing catchy content isn’t as hard as it’s thought out to be, but to convert the audience into a buyer is the hard thing. All the best marketing strategies for small business won’t tell you that writing good content and building a good content strategy are two completely different things. 

All content should be enticing and eye-catching, but your content strategy should be such that it keeps your current pinners engaged while constantly gathering a new audience. That’s basically an advanced way to say that your pins should be in a reader’s interest and force him to act on it. 

Get Pinterest Users to Follow You

Here is another great Pinterest marketing strategy 2021. You need more followers to build a larger audience base and a better credibility on the platform. So, you need to give the pinners a reason to follow your brand, keep posting great content, and every now and then urge your audience to follow your pinboard. Marketing with Pinterest isn’t easy, but all it really asks of you to be active and engaging to build a unique and fresh feed.

Optimize Pinterest Pins for SEO

Optimizing your pins for SEO is one of the Pinterest marketing strategies for small businesses. Just like Instagram, Pinterest is a visually pleasing tool. If you optimize it ideally, it can bring loads of traffic to your website. Almost 100 million users search for new content on Pinterest based on what users like. 

Optimizing pins for SEO will help the users in discovering your pins easily. Using this strategy, you’ll be able to simplify your online presence on Pinterest with more users being able to easily discover you.

Target Pinterest Ads for Better Audience

Marketing with Pinterest ads can boost your business presence on the platform in just the right way. If you build a meaningful campaign on Pinterest, you can attain a great amount of success. 

You can build your campaigns to find just the right kind of audience, if your ads are interesting and enticing audience are sure to follow the brand. Pinterest marketing gets better with five types of ads as Awareness, engagement, traffic, promoted app pin, and video awareness. Each of these pins will be available to the right audience. 

Use “Shop the Looks Pins”

People often turn to Pinterest for various kinds of inspiration, be it art, cooking, writing, or basically anything. If someone wants to try a fresh look, then they’ll search for trendy clothes.

With the shop the look pins, they can easily make the purchase for whatever they are looking for. If you use this feature of Pinterest, you can make it easier for pinners to find your website and buy the stuff they have been searching for. It is a great Pinterest marketing strategies for small businesses.

Plan Ahead for Holiday Season

Let us burst your bubble, local marketing strategies won’t help you in gaining extra leads or sales. Going by the latest Pinterest marketing trends, using the same old everyday marketing tactics won’t help you get better results.

End of the season sales or holiday season sales is one of the best marketing strategies for small business. People get really excited over the end of season sales and tend to buy more over extra discounts. Marketing with Pinterest will benefit you on most seasons and holidays. You need to plan ahead of the schedule to offer the audience Holiday season sales. 

Create Fresh Pins With Unique Ideas

Millions of pins are updated on the platform every single day, so how do you make yours stand out from the crowd? Keep creating fresh pins with unique ideas. In SEO new blogs get more priority, same is the case with new and fresh pins. If you keep publishing fresh pins with fresh content every day, you’ll get a better audience.

Use Descriptive Hashtags for Pins

Hashtags are an essential tool for marketing. Using descriptive for Pins is one of the top Pinterest marketing strategies for small businesses. Adding hashtags makes it easy to view the complete feed of posts using the same hashtags on their pins. When you add researched hashtags to your product, the pinners will be able to discover your products easily. The best thing would be to include not one but several hashtags relating to your own line of products and services. 

Build Interest With a “Tips” Board

As a business you can build user interest in your pins by providing valuable information. You can build a “tip” board in order to get users to gain interest in your pins. The tips can be about anything, if you’re a business then you can provide tips about your products or services or about the whole industry.

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