How To Get Google AdSense Approval For Website: Tips & Tricks

How to Get Google Adsense Approval for Website

In this article, we will learn about Google AdSense approval tips and tricks and AdSense approval requirements. A lot of people starting out with their own website tend to get stuck on how to get Google AdSense approval for website? Follow the fast AdSense approval trick mentioned in this article and start your way towards earning. 

Google AdSense is tricky to be fair, and if you’ve never been approved before then you are sure to run into some problems. If you already have a website approved on Google AdSense then you probably know all about the AdSense approval requirements. Coming back to those who have never been approved and want to know how to get Google AdSense approval for website? Just keep reading till the end and you’ll find an ideal solution for your trouble. 

Google AdSense Approval Tips and Tricks

Without wasting any more time, let’s start with our list of important pages for AdSense, AdSense approval time, and fast AdSense approval trick.

1. Content Is King

All those who work in online marketing must have heard this line at least once, Content is actually the king in online marketing. The first answer to your question of how to get Google AdSense approved for website is to publish unique high-quality content. A lot of people trying to get their AdSense approved think this step isn’t that important but they are wrong. Posting plagiarized content or repeating content on your website is not the way to go. 

Make sure you have High-Quality content on your website, you can look at the Google Publisher policies to help you understand what kind of content Google considers to be good.

2. Publish A Good Amount of Content

Number two on the list of Google AdSense approval tips and tricks is to post back to back content. Before you apply to Google AdSense, you should at least have 10-15 high-quality posts on your website. Google must know that you are taking it seriously to grow your website and your website have some articles that are ready to be monetized. 

On average, you should have at least 10,000-15,000 words on your website. If you publish 10 articles of 1500 words on average then you’re good to go. Having a good amount of content on your website reduces the overall AdSense approval time. 

3. About & Contact Pages Are Must

Even the most experienced online marketers forget about this step. It is the number three fast AdSense approval trick. Whenever you create your website, you need to have an About Us page and Contact Page before you start applying for Google AdSense. These are the two most important pages for AdSense approval.

Doing this has a simple reason when Google is reviewing your website, they will make sure that it’s legitimate. To get to that conclusion, Google would want to know who is behind the website. You can even include the staff or members who are operating your website in the About Us Page. Having these two pages will make it even more clear for Google to validate the authenticity of your website and this will put you on the fast track to AdSense Approval.

4. Powerful Privacy Policy

Number four on how to get Google AdSense approval for website includes that you create a privacy policy page. Any website, regardless of its niche should have a privacy policy. Most website owners/operators skip this page solely because they don’t know what to put on the privacy policy page.

If you don’t have a clear idea then you can take a look at any of your biggest competitor’s privacy policy pages. You can even find a lot of free and paid Privacy policy generator online that can do your work for you. It is important for AdSense approval time that you have a privacy policy page on your website. You can consider this page as one of the important pages for AdSense.

5. Is Your Website Content On Restricted List?

Number five on the guide of how to approve AdSense fast is to confirm if your website content on the restricted list? In case you didn’t know, Google AdSense has a restricted content list, if you have a website and your content is restricted then you can forget to get your AdSense approved. There’s no way around the restricted content list.

You can check on AdSense’s policy to check what kind of content is acceptable by Google. If you don’t wish to do the research then here’s a basic idea of the content you should avoid. Here’s a basic list of content to avoid to get your AdSense Approved. 

  • Sexual Content
  • Content that shows the killing
  • Terrorism related content
  • Explosives, Guns
  • Recreational Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol Sales
  • Online Gambling
  • Prescription drugs, unapproved pharmaceuticals or supplements

Keep up with Google’s ever-changing policies to make sure you don’t end up on the restricted list by accident.

6. Avoid Copyright Elements

AdSense approval requirements ask you to not use any copyrighted images. All those operating their websites should know about this information. You can’t just download an image from Google and put it on your website. If you’ve been doing that, then it could be the reason for your Google AdSense rejection. 

If you are thinking that you don’t have the time or money to purchase an image or search for non-copyrighted ones then you will have to make time. Once AdSense sees that you are violating the usage rights, you will be rejected even if you are doing everything right. Here are two main sources from which you can acquire your images. The first one is absolutely free, the second one asks for money but it’s worth the money.


7. Website Age Matters

This factor doesn’t actually apply everywhere throughout the globe so most people choose to ignore it. If you’re a resident of the U.S then it doesn’t matter, but Google has specifically asked website owners from China & India, stating that they should have the website for 6 months before applying to Google AdSense. 

The sole reason for doing this was the ever-growing number of fraud websites that were pushed into search results by using suspicious methods. After a lot of debate, Google has finally mentioned these two countries for this particular restriction. All those operating websites from this location, need to follow the steps above and wait for six months as AdSense approval time. 

8. Make Sure Your Website Isn’t Banned

For all those who made their website from scratch and purchased a brand new domain, being banned won’t be an issue. Unless you were told by Google AdSense that your website has been banned. If not and you’re looking for solutions on how to get Google AdSense approval for website? Then you need to consider why you’re banned. 

If you have purchased a previously used website or a domain name then there are chances that your website is already banned by Google AdSense. This is something you may want to keep an eye on. You can check whether your website is banned or not by using another website under the name Most websites aren’t banned but there’s no harm in checking. 

9. Clear Website Navigation Goes a Long Way

Having clear website navigation is tip number 9 on our list of Google AdSense approval tips and tricks. Almost 85% of website owners don’t even put a thought on this factor, even if they think their website has clear navigation, they actually don’t. 

It could be the theme they are using or any other factor that may be making the navigation tough. Not having a clear enough website navigation is a huge problem as it gives a hint of non-authenticity to Google. 

10. Remove Other Ads While Applying

If you keep getting rejected and you’re doing everything right, here’s a little tip to consider. One fast AdSense approval trick is to remove any other ads you already have on your website. Once you apply for a Google AdSense account for your website and the person reviewing sees a bunch of ads all over the place, they are sure to reject your application as you already have enough ads on your website. 

According to Google’s terms, it is 100% fine to use any other Ad network in conjunction with Google AdSense. Still, it is a good idea to make sure you remove the ads from your website when it’s under review. 

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