Top Off-Page SEO Techniques 2020 For Best Ranking

Off-page SEO Submission Technique

Search Engine Optimization or SEO techniques is the techniques through which you can improve the traffic of your website. You can do so by achieving a high rank in the search engine result pages (SERP) such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. SEO consists of multiple activities. Today we are going to focus on only one of those aspects. In this guide, you’ll learn about the best off-page practices you should follow for the best ranking.

What is Off-Page SEO Techniques?

Off-page SEO submission or also known as Off-site SEO submission refers to actions that you take outside of your own website. SEO off-page optimization techniques can help boost your ranking in Search Engine result pages (SERPs). Follow the types of SEO off-page optimization techniques for improving website position in SERP.

Social Media Posting

This is a major off-page SEO technique. Social media platforms can help you engage a lot of traffic. If you wish to make your website or blog famous, engaging people from multiple social media channels is the right way to do so. You can get a lot of backlinks from social media channels which results in an overall improvement in ranking. 

Top Social Media PlatformsDAPA

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking sites are one of the best platforms where you can promote your website. When you bookmark your webpage, or blogs or internal pages of your website on top social bookmarking sites, you increase your chances of getting high no. of traffic on your websites. Here’s a list of top social media bookmarking websites. 

Top Social Media Bookmarking Sites ListDAPA

Forum Posting Submission

Be a part of search forums that relate to your website in one way or another. That way your website and your business can build a connection with the community. This helps in building a better reputation for your website. The forum allows you to engage with people in the form of replies, threads, providing answers about your brand and service. 

Forum Posting SitesDAPA

Article Submission in SEO

SEO Article submission is one of the greatest ways to get quality backlinks. Submit your articles in a high PR submission directory. The sites you submit your articles to have different sets of rules. Some websites offer you just one link, and other websites give you the option of submitting two links for your website. One thing that you should definitely keep in mind is that your content is unique and high quality. Low-quality content with keyword stuffing is more prone to get rejected. Pick the right niche based on the website you have chosen for article submission and write an exciting title for your content. 

Top Article Submission SitesDAPA

Question & Answer

Curiosity is one of the best ways you can attract traffic to your website. If a user is intrigued by the type of services you offer then it is definite that he/she will visit your website for more answers. Join high PR question and answer sites and search for questions that relate to your business and the services you offer. Give clear and catchy answers to these questions so that users can engage with you. You can also post your questions regarding any particular topic that goes along with your business. You also get the option to give a link to your website which may help you in bringing more users to your site. 

Question and Answer Sites on the InternetDAPA

Video Submission

Almost all the brands today use Videos to promote their products and services. Videos get better responses from users than written content. So, if you want to make your videos popular and trending, you need to promote the videos to the right channel. Give your videos a proper title, description and use all the right tags and reference links. Video submission is of the most popular off-page techniques.

Almost all the video submission sites have high PR so it is the best way to get quality backlinks. 

Video Submission SitesDAPA

Image Submission

Visualization always leaves a better impact on users than regular blogs and articles. That’s why there are so many image submission websites to help you grow your audience. Before submitting any images related to your business and services, optimize them with the correct URL and title Tags. You should check once if your images have proper title tag, title, description and tags. 

Image Submission Sites in SEODAPA

Blog Directory Submission

Blog directory submission is the process of constantly working to build quality backlinks for your website. There are plenty of options out there so make sure that you choose a good directory and a category that suits your style. The process takes some time to deliver the result you desire, but once you get them they stand out for sure. 

Top Blog Directory Submission SitesDAPA

Conclusion of Off-Page Activities for SEO

To conclude, both On-page SEO and OFF page SEO will help your website grow in SERP rankings. The websites we have listed above are based on DA and PA. You should choose the top websites if you wish to develop quality backlinks. Let us know in the comment box if we missed out on any other off-page SEO technique.

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