SEO Tips for YouTube: How to Improve YouTube Video Ranking (Part 1)

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YouTube is the second biggest search engine right after Google. Google is the parent company to YouTube and nowadays 9 out of 10 videos searched are from YouTube. YouTube is a giant in its own category! The platform is still growing exponentially every single minute. Every single minute over 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. How do you make sure that your video doesn’t get lost in the abundance of Videos? SEO tricks for YouTube are the best way you can learn how to optimize videos for YouTube. Follow this guide to learn all about SEO Tips for YouTube.

Everyone who uploads their videos on YouTube knows the basics about SEO optimization for YouTube Videos like adding keywords in title, descriptions, and tags. As search engines can only crawl text not audio and videos, it is really important to write a full transcript of the video in the description. Follow the YouTube Video Optimization guide for the best result.

What Is YouTube Video SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your content to rank higher in the search engines. Since search is the most used way of reach towards desired content, it is better if you optimize your content according to search so that your content/video appears on top when someone searches for it. Optimize your YouTube Channel in a way that all your videos appear on top in their respective keywords is the best way to gain more views and popularity. YouTube Video SEO involves optimizing your YouTube channel, Videos, Playlist, Meta Data, and Descriptions. Overall it is a time-consuming process, but if you do it right it can bear great results.

The most crucial part about SEO optimization for YouTube Videos is managing the written content in the best possible way! Which includes Transcripts, Closed Captions, and Subtitles.

YouTube Video Optimization Guide

We have compiled the best SEO tricks for YouTube. Our SEO tips for YouTube will help you attain the maximum views and popularity in a short span of time.

Add Accurate Closed Captions

YouTube now automatically transcribes your videos and the captions that YouTube provides are only 60% accurate. The benefit of using auto-captions is that you don’t have to make the effort of typing every single line that is in the video. If you want to grow quickly and save yourself from embarrassing captions then you should definitely follow these SEO tricks for YouTube.

If you are really looking forward to optimize your YouTube channel, then you should get rid of automatic captions. Google penalizes spam very harshly and that is what most of the automatic captions are. By using automatic captions you risk yourself being determined as spam. If you are recognized are spam then you’ll lose the whole search engine value for your YouTube Channel.

Add a Transcript to Video Description

YouTube Video SEO requires you to take full advantage of the description. You can use the description column to transcribe the video. The description allows you to 5000 characters including space. That’s enough for a dialogue full 10-minute long video. You can add the full transcript of the video if you want or you can use a link to redirect to a separate webpage that contains the full transcript. The video description is one of the most important parts of the video optimize YouTube video description and it will teach you how to optimize videos for YouTube. Most brands do well with their videos and that is because they already have a set viewership.

If you are just starting out then it is best to use the description to put the whole transcript of the video. After the video is transcribed, you should use that transcript ad create shareable content for a boost in video views.

Translate Your Video Subtitles Into Multiple Languages

How to optimize your YouTube channel? Translate your captions into multiple languages so that users from all across the world can access your content. YouTube’s manager even stated in an even that multilingual captions are really necessary for up and coming YouTubers.

Foreign language subtitles make it easy for non-native users to understand what the content is all about. It also gives your SEO a boost as search engines will index all the transcripts and will help you in ranking higher on English and non-English keywords. Make sure you check the translated keywords for accuracy.

Title and Description Full of Keywords and Tags

Keywords should be integrated into your video, your titles, your Descriptions and the closed captions you use. In basic terms, Keywords are basically words and phrases that people search while looking for content that matches your content. For example, If you make a video about sports cars then make sure you target all the words and phrases revolving around “Sports cars”.

Search Engines have upgraded their policy on Keyword Stuffing. Using too much of your keywords and variation of the same keyword can have adverse effects rather than giving a boost to your YouTube Videos. Don’t over-optimize, write meaningful content for your users and gain organic ranking. You should really follow these tips if you really wish to learn how to improve YouTube video ranking. Here’s the list on how much content you can really put into all the sections:

  • Title: Your YouTube Video title fits in 100 characters including space. This means you should put in only the most important information about your video. Using words like “how to”, “tips”, “tricks” can help in getting user’s attention.
  • Meta Description: Meta Description can fit up to 5000 characters. You can add an important description of the video which includes all the keywords that you want to target. optimize the YouTube video description well for maximum results.

Mention your Target Keywords In Video

Your target keywords should be everywhere, your Title, Meta Description, Tags and in your transcript as well. YouTube uses all the keywords you use to rank your video accordingly! Just make sure you are using a caption file so that YouTube’s auto-captions doesn’t change your target keyword into something else. The best way to search your video is by searching a phrase that is in your video.

SEO Optimization For YouTube Videos

YouTube Video SEO is one of the best ways you can give your YouTube Channel the desired boost. Follow all the SEO YouTube Tips for the best results. YouTube can really help you and your brand make a name for itself. Use YouTube to promote your brand in the right direction.

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