Top SEO Tools To Help You Become an SEO Expert

Top SEO Tools

SEO is a very fluid industry and its ever-changing and ever-growing. The only thing that remains constant is the tools that help a digital marketer get on top! While you need to get on top you can’t do it without a brilliant SEO strategy. To build an SEO strategy you need brilliant tools. Every marketer thinks that different tools are perfect for different modules of SEO.

Our comparison of SEO tools is based on what distinguishes them from others. You can use these tools for free but to get the best services you should get the paid version. It has many more options and can help you build your SEO Strategy better and stronger. Check out the comparison below!

What to Look For in Perfect SEO Tool?

It’s crucial to keep in mind what you need for accurate Search Engine Optimization. Do you need a keyword researcher or through competitor analysis. Before picking a tool make sure that you have your goal in mind.

  3. MOZ
  5. SPYFU


AHREFS is beloved by all Digital marketers. It helps in getting the best insight when it comes to backlinks. AFREFS has a massive backlinks database compared to other tools. Almost 90% of SEO experts recommend AHREFS for backlink research.

Another reason why AHREFS is loved so much is that it also helps in exploring content. It can help you search the web for the most popular content based on a particular keyword. Just like every good thing, there is also some drawback of AHREFS.

Extensive backlinks DatabaseLocal Keywords not included in search volumes
Track your weekly rankingsKeyword suggestion don’t show relevancy level
Shows estimated traffic for top 10 pagesWeb traffic analysis not as through as other tools


SEMRUSH is a tool that allows you to do a bit of everything. You can say that SEMRUSH is one tool made up of all the tools. The best part about SEMRUSH is the analytics report. From this tool, you can easily research traffic, competitors. You can also look into what bidding your competitors are doing on any particular keyword. Based on all this research you can build your strategies brilliantly.

Site audit tool shows overall website score and healthToo many features to master
Brand monitoring tools let you monitor your brand reputationInaccurate keyword results: Less ratings than real ranking
Great for competitor analysis


MOZ is a giant is the SEO Tool world. It offers multiple tools to use as per your choice. However, the best part can be found only in MOZ Pro. No tool is better in tracking keyword ranking than MOZ. With the Pro version, you also get access to its link explorer. Yet another brilliant feature that MOZ offers is a site crawler, it thoroughly tells you points where your website is lacking. It is similar to the SEMRUSH Site Audit.

Search visibly score shows the overall performance of your websiteCannot track keywords daily.
MOZ page & DA provide best metricsUser interface makes it difficult to navigate
Can use as an extension in search engine


WOORANK is an SEO ranking tool. It is very easy to use and has multiple features. The top reason to use WOORANK is because of its analytical prowess. You can choose your competitors and analyze which keywords they are working on. You can develop your SEO strategy based on that knowledge.

Customer-friendly UISmall backlink database
WOORANK gives you an insight on what’s missing from your websiteCan only use for 10 sites in a day for the free version


The sole focus of SPYFU is to do extensive keyword and competitor research for SEO & PPC. You can spy on your competitors and know what they are doing. SPYFU will tell you what keyword your competitors are working on. and where they rank on any particular keyword. You also get access to your competitor’s history for as long as the past 12 years. SPYFU is compatible with all search engines.

Competitor history research gives you tons of insightsNo local data
Great SEO & PPC AnalysisExtremely difficult to use for SEO beginners
Exciting discounts on their other services

Expert’s Take On SEO Tools

All of the above-mentioned tools serve a different purpose! All of them help you master one or another dimension of Search Engine Optimization. You can only use these tools if you have your goal clear in mind. If you don’t know how to develop an effective SEO strategy, then you should think about outsourcing. You can opt for SimpliPixel’s SEO team. We don’t like to brag about ourselves, our clientele speaks enough about us!

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