When To Use Google AdWords? Starting A Google AdWords Campaign

when you need google adwords

Everyone gets excited once their business starts growing, as more people start becoming aware of your company and your brand, you start seeking more attention. The way you can do this is by advertising your business and its products. As a businessman or a marketer, you’ve heard great things about Google AdWords. Before you invest money in Google Ads, you need to learn when to use Google AdWords and the benefit of Google Ads.

Before you fully commit to using a Google AdWords campaign, you need to make sure that your business is really ready for a Pay-Per-Click campaign. Google AdWords isn’t some magic software that you can use to grow your reach and profit instantly. A badly optimized Google AdWords campaign can lead to huge losses. You need to have complete information about when to use Google Ads.

It isn’t a good idea for a company to dive into an AdWords campaign just because other people have talked about how great it is. You need to learn when you need Google AdWords and what elements should be there to optimize a Google AdWords campaign.

When To Use Google AdWords

1. Customer Demand

The first element in building a successful marketing campaign is customer demand. If your customers aren’t searching for your product and services then advertising yourself on Google won’t help you at all. 

So before you get a bit too excited about creating your Google AdWords campaign, you need to check whether or not there is search volume on Google about your product and services. You can check that by using the Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool. Apart from showing the amount of traffic on a particular keyword, it also shows how competitive a keyword is, the number of monthly searches, and the cost per click of the keyword. 

When coming up with or choosing your idea keyword, you need to know if the selected keyword is actually being searched on Google. This can also help you determine if you can or cannot afford the CPC (Cost Per Click) of the keyword.

2. Marketing Budget

Once you’ve done your research, you must be well aware of the CPC you’re willing to spend. The more competitive a keyword actually is, the more you’ll have to spend on it. Don’t just go after competitive keywords, as a business, you need to target keywords that you can afford and which will most likely provide you with profitable results. 

You don’t have to push your budget if you don’t want to. If your maximum CPC is $5 then you can choose a keyword that costs $4 and you can save money instead of spending more than your budget.

3. Understanding The Competition

To know when to use Google AdWords, you need to understand your competition. If you really wish to crush the keyword game, you have to start with the high-volume keywords. You should also know what keywords your competitors are using.

Several SEO tools can help you spy on your competitors. This tool analyzes your competitors, provides information about your competitors’ past activities. This information includes the top keywords used and how long they have been using each keyword. If your direct competitors are using one keyword for a long time then this should be an indication these keywords are helping them grow. 

4. Build Your USP

There are millions of websites out there promoting thousands of other brands and products like yours. Any kind of marketing strategy, marketing organization, and Google AdWords campaign will be useless if they don’t provide customers with anything unique. 

If you don’t have a USP, you can look at your company’s strength, ask for reviews from your customers. A strong USP will catch people’s attention and drive more traffic to your website which will lead to better conversion and sales. 

It can be really hard to come up with an interesting offer for your customers and potential customers. You need to build a great value around your product and why should customers choose them. To know when you need Google AdWords, you need to know the characteristics of an irresistible ad. Your ad must show everything great about your brand and how your products can help them. 

5. Ability To Create Incredible Advertisements Regularly

When you use Google AdWords, you pay each time someone clicks on your ads. Keeping that in mind, you need to create advertisements that lead potential customers to your website, but you need to convert those clicks into sales. You can do this only by creating eye-catching ads that speak to your audience. 

Creating great, well thought out ads will help you increase your click to conversion rate. The text of AdWords ads are very limited, so you need to be to the point about what you’re selling. The basic elements of these ads are a headline, a two-line description, and a display URL. Use all the characters you are given, make them catchy, and increase your conversion rate. 

6. Dedicated Landing Pages

All the brand new marketers naturally think that making sure your homepage rank on all top keywords, and you may even want to send all your traffic from PPC ads there too. 

This is one of the most common mistakes you can make while building a brand new Google Ads campaign. When you make a new campaign, you need to make sure that the traffic goes on their own dedicated pages. Directing your traffic to your homepage and leaving it up to the visitors to find the product/service they are looking for and make a purchase will lead to very high bounce rates.

You need to create a dedicated, landing page to link the advertisement to. Take your time to build a page that is relevant to the text in the Ads that the visitors clicked on. Make sure that the call to action is always in clear eyesight so your customers know where to place orders/ask questions etc. 

7. Track & Measure Your Results

Now that you’ve followed all the rules we’ve listed above. You know when to use Google AdWords, so before clicking the “live” button on your ad campaign, you must know how to track the results of your Ads. If you don’t know how to measure your success, you won’t be able to find out the weakness in your campaign. If you can’t know why your campaign is not performing, you can’t make the necessary changes in your campaigns. 

In Google AdWords, campaign tracking is found in conversion tracking. You need to activate them before making your ad campaign live. To set up conversion tracking, you must define what an ideal conversion is for your company and the advertising objectives. Simply click on the + conversion button and enter your conversion definition.

Final Take: When To Use Google Ads?

Most business owners believe that search engine marketing is an effective method for your business. Their assumption is right, a well-planned, well-executed advertisement campaign can help you grow your company. To know when to use Google AdWords, you need to familiarize yourself with the platform thoroughly.

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