How To Get Free SSL Certificate For Website (HTTPS)?

how to get free ssl certificate for website

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the technology that allows lets our browser connect with a website from an encrypted link that means data transferring in between is secure. If you’re using SSL, someone can’t tap in between to look at what is being transferred unless someone has a private key to that encryption. To provide your website with that encryption, you need to learn how to get free SSL certificate for website. You can, however, generate a key for the encryption while requesting a free SSL certificate WordPress and it is not transferred to someone else. It works on TLS (Transport Layer Security). Free SSL certificate for domain can help you secure your website with ease and provides visitors with a sense of security. Here’s how to get free SSL certificate for website.

Why You Need Best Free SSL Certificate?

If the technical jargon above was a bit heavy for you then you need to know the main function of an SSL certificate is to encrypt data that is being passed from browser to web server. If you have a website, then you won’t want the data on your website sent to you by customers to get tampered with or monitored. Getting a free SSL certificate providers have tons of benefits. Benefits of Free SSL certificate for domains. 

  • Performance: Implementing SSL lets your site able to make use of Http/2 which improves page load time.
  • Ranking: Search engines favor sites with HTTPS, and it will provide your website with better search engine rankings.
  • Security: Employing the best free SSL certificate will help you boost security.
  • Trust: When you open a website and see a lock before the website’s domain name, you instantly get a sense of security and customers start trusting you.

Pre-Requisites For Implementing SSL

  • You will need a dedicated IP address and valid domain name because SSL is only issued to a domain name.
  • CSR (Certificate Signing Request) file which is generated from the server where the website is hosted. CSR is used to generate the private key for the SSL.
  • Business validation documents, it depends on the provider from which you are purchasing an SSL certificate. 

Now that you know what is SSL, why you need it, you need to know how to get free SSL certificate for website. There are many SSL certificate provider in the market, some of them are:

  • Comodo SSL
  • DigiCert
  • GoDaddy
  • RapidSSL

Unfortunately, all of these other providers are paid services. So, can you get SSL for free? Yes, of course, you can get free SSL from free SSL certificate providers.

Best Free SSL Certificate Providers

  • HubSpot: It provides a free SSL certificate only if your content is hosted on HubSpot’s CMS.
  • Let’s Encrypt: This is one of the best free SSL certificate providers as it was created by the Linux Foundation and this project is sponsored by many top tech companies. It’s a non-profit certificate authority that uses the ACME server for validating your website domain. It provides you with easy implementation of the certificate and has a validity of 3 months. You can also choose the option to renew it without having to keep a track of it. 
  • SSL For Free: It’s also a non-profit certificate authority that uses the ACME server for domain validation. It deletes all the private keys once the document is created.
  • CloudFare: CloudFare is a cloud provider and security company that is known for its product that helps in making your website faster and more secure. 

Conclusion: How To Get Free SSL Certificate For Website

SSL certificates are incredibly important for your website and it makes them secure and trustworthy. You do not need to burden yourself with the expense of purchasing an SSL certificate if you’re in the beginning stage of your business. There are free SSL certificate providers like the free SSL certificate WordPress.

Be cautious that free SSL providers work on a donation and they don’t have the best customer service, team. You have to set up the SSL yourself and solve most of the queries by yourself as well.

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