How to Improve Website CTR in 6 Simple Steps

What is click through rate?

Anyone who remotely related to performance marketing must know the term CTR. If you are wondering what is CTR, CTR stands for click-through rate and basically, it means calculating how many people clicked on your ad divided by the no of times the ad was shown (Impressions). For those who are familiar with the terminology, CTR is calculated by dividing clicks by impression. A CTR is more than a basic metric for performance marketing, advertisers often pay more to get more clicks so CTR is very important in advertising partnership. Most people don’t know it but there are ways you can easily increase CTR. Follow the steps listed below to learn how to increase website CTR in 7 Simple steps.

In SEO everyone focuses on ranking, the aim is common everywhere, getting a ranking on the first page is crucial as it will help in diverting all the traffic to your website. But what’s the point of getting a ranking when no one even clicks on your content. If that’s what the case is then your ranking is nothing but just a number. CTR and Search engine ranking are directly connected. What is CTR in digital marketing you ask? It follows the same concept, how many times your content was shown to users and how many clicks it got!

How to Increase Page CTR on your Website

In this article, you will learn what is CTR and how to increase the click-through rate of your website in simple ways. The first thing that you need to do is to check your current CTR. If you don’t know how to calculate CTR in Digital marketing then you are lucky! Multiple tools will save you the hassle of going online and searching for how to calculate CTR in digital marketing. Let’s go over all the steps so you can learn how to increase page CTR.

1. Checking your Current CTR

The first thing you need to do is to open Google Analytics. Follow the steps given below to go thorough with checking your current CTR. Go to Acquisition > Search Console > Queries. The screen that shows up will show you which content of yours in actually bringing users to your website.

It also displays the queries, clicks, impression, Average position of all the pages and most importantly Click-through rate. For more information click on the landing page menu. In this menu, you will see similar data about multiple pages of your website. With this much information at your fingertips, you should be easily able to figure out which of your content is performing well and which one isn’t. Once you get the data you need, you can take a well-targeted action to improve organic CTR for the pages and keywords that aren’t performing as well as you expected. Follow the below-listed tips that will help you understand how to increase website CTR.

2. Improve Your Content Titles

Your page title is the first thing a user reads, if that is not up to the mark then 60% of users won’t click on your content. You need to put in a lot of effort to make it as effective as possible. Here’s what you can do:

  • Try multiple Headlines: The best way is to write multiple headlines for the same topic. When you give yourself a lot of options you are most likely to choose the best title of them all. Don’t finalize the first title that comes into your head. You can write 10-15 headlines for the same topic and you’ll come up with some great options. 
  • Focus on What you Wish to Convey: Instead of keeping keywords a center of your content, focus on what you wish to describe through your content. If your headlines and titles will show a hint of importance, more and more people will click on the content.
  • Lists are Good: Using lists in your content is a good option, according to many surveys people tend to read the content that has more lists in it rather than the one that only has paragraph. Some websites only focus on content that’s made up of lists only! For example: “Top Ten Lists”, “Best and Top Lists”
  • Right Formatting is Crucial: One thing you should keep in mind is that if your content doesn’t look good, no one will even bother making the effort of reading it. If your titles appear cut off in SERPs then they will make the least impact. Plus, the way you format your content is also important, your content should have enough headlines and paragraphs to keep it interesting.

Till now you must have gotten a pretty good idea of what is CTR in digital marketing and why is it important to improve it.

3. Test your Headlines Extensively

You have written multiple titles/headlines for your content but you just can’t seem to decide which one is perfect. Instead of just guessing you can simply know for sure which title is best and will help you to bring more clicks. There are a lot of ways you can do so!

  • Use Tools: If you were unaware, you can get help from free online tools that will check your headlines based on different measures of success. You can either use “CoSchedule Headline Analyzer” or the “Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer”.
  • Test Your Headings on Social Media: This is the best way to test all the titles you have written. Marketers often post the same content with different titles to check which title is performing the best. You can also use online ads to check the titles. Let the ads run on multiple titles and whichever performs well is the one you should go ahead with.

4. Good URL Matters

If you are learning how to increase website CTR then this is one tip you can’t move on from. People should be able to see what your content is about just by looking at your URL. It is one of the places that you should use keywords. Microsoft conducted a survey in which they found out that a descriptive URL performs 30% better than normal ones. With an additional 30% traffic, you can make a huge difference on your website.

5. Create Catchy Meta Descriptions

Another part of Google search snippet is Meta Descriptions. For those who don’t know what meta descriptions are, it is the text that appears under the title and URL. 

You can target your keywords in the meta description and you can also tell users what to expect from the content they are about to click on! If your meta description doesn’t attract users then nothing will. If you want to learn how to increase page CTR then writing a catchy Meta description is a must. 

The first rule to improve organic CTR with the help of a Meta description is that you have to make a custom CTR for every single content or post. If you don’t do that, Google will choose any line or paragraph from your content to fill the space of Meta Description. 

The best way to write a descriptive Meta description is by choosing power words, any content writer has a list of power words that he/she uses over and over again to make the content impactful.

6. Improve Site Speed

The final step that will help you increase your Website CTR with WordPress is improving the speed of your site. After all the effort you’ve put into learning what is Click-through rate and how to increase Page CTR, if your website takes more than 2o seconds to open, most users will go back without even reading the content. Your website should be able to load in an instant so that your user gets to see the thing that he clicked in the first place. Slower loading speed is also connected to Google ranking that’s why improving loading time is an important part of SEO strategies.

If you want to improve organic CTR then improving the loading speed is necessary. Most of the users now prefer reading content on mobiles, Mobile phones often have slower internet connection but that doesn’t mean you can neglect the loading time on mobile devices. Improve loading time on both desktops and Smartphones to improve organic CTR.

How to Improve Website CTR?

We are pretty sure now you know what is Click-through rate and how to increase page CTR. CTR is one of the most underestimated factors of the success of your website. You can write the best content but if it is not optimized well, no one will click on it ever. The good thing is that you have a lot of control over how things work and you can change your content as per your preference. Let’s summarize how you can improve organic CTR: 

  • Check current CTR
  • Improve Your Content Titles
  • Test Your headlines
  • Write a Descriptive URL
  • Create Interesting Meta Descriptions

Once a user clicks on your content, we are sure the user will read whatever part of the information seems important. Follow the tips to improve organic CTR.

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